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Mah first blooorg XD and furriness :P

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So I'm lying here in the darkness because I'm too lazy to turn on the light :P and I decided hey let's write some shit about how awesome becoming a furry was/is!

So I'll start at the start and I'll try not to ramble too much, but let me know if I do. What's that? You can't? you're reading this after I wrote it? Oh well I'll guess you will just have to put up with any ranting.

So anyways I've known about these weird things called furries for a while and like a lot of people I was duped by the media and Internet and I thought that furries were people who got turned on by wearing an animal costume like some sick psychos. Also at some point in time I realised I was a DL (but that's a story for another time) and as a result of which I found myself here. On ADISC. Talking to you. You sad person.
Anyways I saw many of you were furries and also baby furs and I found the art work adorable, so I started to look into this a bit more and I found that hey, furries are actually really cool.

Then I stopped taking notice and went about my DL business. A few months passed and I found myself as I often am on YouTube, this time I was watching the American TV show My Strange Addictions, the AB episode with Riley Kilo (on a side note I think Riley wasn't the best person they could have picked) and I happened to spy the furry episode with fursuiter Lauren. As I watched I was captivated by how fun it looked to wear a fursuit. I immediately watched another video, and another, all on furries.

I was hooked, I made a fursona (not a baby fur or a diaper fur) and I joined a furry forum where I discovered that a Furry convention would be taking place in 2 weeks only 2 hours away and better yet my family would all be interstate, so I didn't even need to tell them if I didn't want. The only down side, I could only attend the last day because of work. And so it was that I attended the last day of MiDFur 13th, I got there just in time for the fursuiters walk, which was really cool. I also had a quick look around the dealers den before it closed and as it was the last day and there weren't any panels running I went to the charity comedy show featuring "2" the Ranting Gryphon and Jibba Foxcoon. Then I had to leave to catch the train home, but it was still really cool to go there. I already have tickets for the next one in December ;)

I have also started doing anthro art work and a couple of short poems and I have started building a fursuit of my 'sona. Another thing I learned about furries, only about 15-20% are fursuiters.

If you have read this far then I congratulate you, and then I say really? You had enough free time to read to the rumblings of a bored dragon? The next one will be shorter and more entertaining I promise.


  1. user13640's Avatar
    >_> and thus the fandom takes another semi-normal person from us....
  2. Vayne's Avatar
    Nice. Furries are pretty cool to me too, I wish I could go a convention though, nothing exciting like that happens in SC. Anyways welcome to the fandom.
  3. StikkyPaws's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by godofponies
    >_> and thus the fandom takes another semi-normal person from us....

    " semi-normal", I like that :P - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.