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I got my first onesie a few days ago, and I bloody love it!!! It's tight everywhere, and when my diaper gets heavy, It actually holds it in place and keeps it from sagging to my knees :P I've tried everything to keep the sag minimalized: underwear over top, diaper under jeans, 3 pairs of underwear plus my tight UnderArmor... this little piece of cloth/spandex makes a world of difference. One warning to anyone who wants one tho. If you like to build your diapers like I do (cuz i put a Tena pad with a big hole cut in the bottom inside an Abena M4: its super super thick, cant move without a waddle), it makes your waddle worse as you use it. Like I said, it holds it right in place so your swollen diaper is just pushing your legs apart. So its best to use the thick ones at home, and the thinner ones outside the house (as i found out the hard way one day... I was so embarrassed that I got off the bus and walked the last 5 blocks home down the street where no one drives by x.x)

Diaper talk aside, life seems to be taking a turn for the sad. My roommate's gf moved in, and so far, he's turned into a bit of a douche. I've known him for 13 years, and over the past month I've felt like I haven't earned one lick of respect, which is really saddening. Here's what's pushed me to think that this long lasting friendship has started to come to and end:

-No warning of guests in the house
I came home the other night from work, and didn't know that there were other people in the house till AFTER I walked in the door.
-Utter disregard for the sleeping (from the both of them)
I work nights. I start at 1pm, and work till 9pm. My work day including commute (cuz I have to take the bus) is about 11 hours. The time I manage to fall asleep at night is about 2am. At fucking 8am... (2hrs before I actually get up) They wake me up with loud voices. The part that pisses me off is that they weren't even fighting. They were laughing and joking around.
-Things of mine being moved without being told
I had a full bottle of coke that I got when I ordered pizza and about 3/4 of a 40 of rum on the table. When I went to go get the other night, I had to wait till the morning to ASK where the hell it all was. I've seen movies moved (and probably used) outta my movie cabinet in the living room. Not once was I asked.
-Practical dismissal
I was dismissed from that conversation about my missing things. Right in the middle of me continuing to ask where some of my other stuff was, he just put his headphones on, and didn't even bother to look at me, let alone attempt to continue the conversation.

All this has made me feel very reserved... I haven't attempted to make contact with either of them, as I'm afraid of what I would say. When I'm actually feeling un-anti-social, I leave my bedroom door open to see what happens. No one says anything. Just last night, he walked by my open door. Didn't even bother to say goodnight or anything. So as you can tell, I'm quite put out

Anyway, thanks as always for listening

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