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Mom, found out about leg shaving.

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Well my mom has officially figured out that I shaved my legs (I stopped about 2 weeks ago for people who don't know).

I was sitting down with pants on, and I had recently gotten a really big cut on my leg. My pants had come up and she saw it and was like, "Ooo, that looks like it hurt" and she came over and looked at it.

She then was like "WTF, why are your legs shaved" I thought quickly and remembered somebody, not sure who it was sorry, told me to tell her a friend dared me to, which I did and she was fine with it.

YAY, now I don't have to wear pants around the house all the time =D.


  1. Aki's Avatar
    Uhm. You can't get away with that anymore.
    Unless your repeatedly doing those "dares". o.O
  2. Pojo's Avatar
    Akira has a point there...So you're going to have to either let your leg hair grow...Or start wearing long pants again
  3. Samaki's Avatar
    Well, in my last leg shaving blog, I said I was going to let my leg hair grow, and I really should.

    It's florida the place known for swimming and shorts, if I continued to shave my legs people would start to notice.
  4. Pojo's Avatar
    Well if you swam all the time, then you could say it's for swimming...Since that's what swimmers do...
  5. Samaki's Avatar
    I could, but I'm not that much of a swimmer, once you actually get a pool, you never use it =/.
  6. FluffyFluffers's Avatar
    I just tell people to F off but thats just me. :3

    Lil note if you shave them they will grow back hairyer... SO WAX D:
  7. Samaki's Avatar
    Vincent: lol, I could never take waxing O.o

    Peachy: I think you mean that I would walk around naked or in my boxers???? No, I mean wear shorts around the house...
  8. Princess_Mandy's Avatar
    One of my guy friends saved his legs and underarms all the time. He said it made him feel cleaner.
  9. Pojo's Avatar
    You'd get used to it eventually, Redtails - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.