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I am back... AND

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Okay! Hello again Mr Blog,

YES I am back, because I have some stuff to write.

I moved out of my flat today, after being there for 4 months, i was making a stand at the landlord, kinda shot myself in the foot really, because i didn't have anywhere else to go! So ended up taking a drive back to my parents house. It was a bit stressful really because I hate trying to pack all my things into the car!

I spent the whole of yesterday (Saturday) being a toddler.... Hmm YES I enjoyed it however I might kinda of killed my love for being toddler for the time being, you know when you do something you love to much it becomes boring !

I am really enjoying my new Friend, maybe i send her to many emails, Its a worry, because i am very good at being to 'full on' and i don't mean it.... Just happens. Every email makes me smile, which is so nice, because my life can be full of such serious stuff and to have someone to chat with is LOVELY. <3

Busy week: need to find a new flat, couple of business trips to Europe and so on. WATCH THIS SPACE.

I have enjoyed writing to you this evening Mr Blog, be good.

Over and out

Warly x

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