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My first blog :)

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I have been waiting for what seems ages to start a blog, in fact it has only been 3 weeks, and 20 posts later here I am.

Not sure what I want to blog about, I am just going to go along with it... I just love typing about the most random stuff, which i really don't mind people reading
where to start...

HELLO ADISC, I am Warly, I changed my name from Happytobeinnappies to my childhood nickname, which i prefer anyway. I LOVE diapers and have recently really got into AB side of life, I think i am probably about 4 years of age ha.

I made a new friend on here yesterday, which made my week... I am currently in a very happpy mood I also bought some more diapers yesterday.

I am going to go now, until next time (when i will try and write about something more interesting)


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