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So I went to Aquatica for my first time today, it was lots of fun, I had to wake up at 5:30 but meh, I did get a little sunburn on my face though =/.

Anyways we drove in my friends brothers car, a awesome mustang. I love riding with him because he always has his IPod hooked up and he blasts really good music =D, he turns it up REALLY LOUD whenever we go near a car that is blasting rap music and stuff, sometimes even opens the windows.

Well we got to the park and got teh free admission since my friends brother, lets just call him charles for now, was a lifeguard there.

We got on almost all the rides right away, completing all of them but 3 in the first hour, then doing 2 in the second hour, we only skipped 2 rides the entire days, HOLY CRAP were the lines on those rides HUGE.

My favorite part of the thing was def the river rapids thingy. It was pretty much just a river that pushed the water at like 10 MPH, we all pretty much just surfed on the bottom the whole time. We spent probably 4 hours out of the whole day there.

We finally left around 1 and got back at 2:30, and now I really want to go back. I did lose my voice =/, it was probably from yelling to my friends the whole day because there were a lot of people there.


  1. Mink's Avatar
    My history teacher went to their grand opening....there was a bus load of fat people in speedos from what he said...
  2. Samaki's Avatar
    lol XD. There were quite a lot of fat people, and quite a lot of people in Speedos, but there weren't a lot of fat people in Speedos.

    Update about the awesomeness of Aquatica.

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