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so i just found out today at around noon a hurricane is going to hit tomorrow it should hit at around 4 am but its already dark and scary out w/t thunder and lightning. im not really to worried about it its only category 1... so far but
supposedly tornadoes can also hit so im most worried aboutthat ( traumatizing experience when i was youge since then i hate wind it reminds me of tornadoes)

anyways i just wanted to say that i just finished bringing in everything outside,fill the bathtub,find all candles and flashlights in our house.if im not on tomorrow we probably lost power.

so *huggles* hopefully its nothing but rain and wind. im scared though so... yeah.


  1. James's Avatar
    It will be ok, Its not that powerful of a storm anyways ^_^
  2. Mandy's Avatar
    i know but i hate storms >.<
  3. Samaki's Avatar
    As a Floridian I know all about hurricanes XD.

    All you have to do is get into a room without any windows and you will be fine, usually we don't even do that though, maybe if it's almost 3 we might but that's it.

    Make sure that you have a lot of extra food, and some extra tanks of gas, you'll be fine.
  4. FluffyFluffers's Avatar
    Oh wow a 1 I've been in worse far worse you'll be fine.

    I've been in category 3-4 and went out in tornadoes So yeah you'll be fine.I tend to sit on my porch and watch them when they come in. :3 and I've been in worse stuff then hurricans >.< note the tornadoes god that was fun....
    XD I am so lucky.
  5. Mandy's Avatar
    oh well actually the only other hurrican i was in and i dont know if its even considered was rita and it turned last minute and hit lousiana -______- i fogot what that was

    but anyways you guys are right im just like i said im scared of the tornadoes i just cant stand wind it makes me very paranoid

    and my crazy awsome mom parked the car in the front of the house where all the trees are hoping for one to fall on the car cause she wants a new one >.< lol
  6. FluffyFluffers's Avatar
    XD yeah that one ****ed us over right after Katrina XD Ah they won't tree's normally don't give way till aproching four storms unless it has problems. But eh It is not bad I wish it would hit here.
  7. Mandy's Avatar
    well that was the stupidist thing ever its just been raining all day -_____- and going to rain all night probably rawr i hate media they exaggerate too much
  8. FluffyFluffers's Avatar
    They always do unless it gets to a 4 it is no big deal.
  9. Mink's Avatar
    It's cat. 1 from what I hear, go go Hurricane Party
  10. King of Clubs's Avatar
    u be fine dude try keep mind on something else ;) - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.