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Now I'm not a superstitious kid, but...

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This was one crappy Friday the Thirteenth.

I had to finish my essay for my graduation project last night. Well, I was too tired and I fell asleep... Technically it was due today but my adviser said I can hand it in on Tuesday. Thing is...

So I have this tiny flash drive that I wear on a chain like a necklace. I lost it. It could be anywhere. I searched the lost and found at school with my brother and we didn't find it. And even if it was in there, it isn't now 'cause this just happens to be the end of the semester and the day the school empties and donates their lost and found stuff. That thing cost like 30 bucks. Though, uh, I got it as a Christmas present, so it was technically free for me, but, yeah...

It had like 700 MB of music, school stuff, and, uh... a whole folder of diaperfur pr0n... and I had my name on a bunch of files, so if somebody finds it and sees my secret pic stash... *shudder*

So now I have to start my essay all over again, since I only saved it on my flash drive. Also my grad project itself, a short story I wrote, was on there too, and I don't have a paper version, but thankfully I printed it out and handed it in the night before.

And the whole day I felt like my intestines were gonna explode. Well, luckily I held it in the whole day. When I got home, I farted and I felt much better

Anyways, I'm feeling better now. I'm in a diaper for the first time all week! :3 *crinkles*

<3 Leaftail


  1. Maxx's Avatar
    Wow. That sucks all around.

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