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Problem averted

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I ordered some ATNs on amazon, and i had them shipped to the address i am staying at for a week. After placing the order i learned that USPS cant deliver to the house because it doesn't have a mail box.

This information set me off in discovering exactly how amazon ships packages. I learned that it's store specific but amazon has a standard way of shipping that a store can default to should they choose to. As far as i can tell amazon doesn't list the carrier. For the stores i looked at they only list shipping speeds as an option and not carrier.

Amazon did give me a tracking number and after checking it against shipping services i discovered that it was a fedex number. This annoyed me because on amazon's tracking page they listed the carrier as USPS, but never the less i was relieved because fedex will deliver packages to this house.

Yesterday at around 4pm i checked fedex's tracking, only to see that they handed it off to USPS and that it was sitting in my local post office. This was not good, it meant that the package would go out for delivery, the driver would note the lack of mail box, mark it as undeliverable, and return it to sender.

At 4:30pm (30 minutes till closing time) i headed out to the post office in hopes of intercepting the package before it's returned to the sender. I got down there, explained what was going on, and gave them the tracking number and my phone#. The lady there told me that there wasn't a lot they could do, but she would pass on the information to some other guy.

As i walked out i got a call, it was her and she told be that my package has been found. It started with dogs eating my diapers to amazon's vague references to who they use to ship packages to me sitting here in a diaper.

At least i learned a few things from all this, like how to append a PO # to an address so the post office will just throw it in the PO instead of failing to deliver the package... like so:

1234 Drive road BLVD - 1203, Any city, AS, 54321

" - 1203" is the PO after a dash.

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