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Trying a smaller size Abena

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So far I have worn only large size diapers. But over the past six months or so I have lost weight, and the Abena L4 diapers are a bit too roomy. So I took a chance and got some M4s this time. So I'm wearing them to bed for the first time tonight. I was a bit worried that they would be harder to tape up properly since I am still about a 40 inch waist, but I didn't have too much problem. So far I like the way they fit...much more snug and tighter around the legs. They don't feel like they are falling down. I'll see how they work with overnight wetting. The L4s took quite a lot before they even thought about leaking. Guess I'll find out tonight how well the M4s do. I hope they do okay because I have a whole package of them and it would be a shame if the tapes come loose or they don't hold as much.
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