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oooooo.... Shiny!

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WOW! I am a Top Contributor after only 10 short months on Adisc (only 8 of them active). I feel honored. I would like to thank anyone who has ever given me a rep or treated me nicely.

I really do feel at home on Adisc and now i feel even more at home. I love it here and i am glad that people seem to respect my opinions and think i am a positive contribution to the community.

It's hard to believe that only 8 months ago, i was a newbie. Now i am right up there with Peachy and Babyjess. I mean purely in status level, not seniority or anything. They still have several years and posts on me.


  1. MilesPrower's Avatar

    It most certainly takes a lot to become a top contributor. And, with a record like yours, you may as well be the fastest person to receive such an honor. So yes, in a way you're up there with ol' Peachy and Babyjess, and you've certainly been recognized for your helpful and notable responses.

    Hold your head up high, you've earned it. Just make sure you continue to contribute your epic posts, and maybe you'll stick around with that gold title of yours.
  2. ManicMunchkin's Avatar
    Well, you've earned it. Enjoy that glittering gold title and remember that it'll disappear if you don't continue to contribute at the same level. Congrats!
  3. whisko's Avatar
    Congrats Alex :-) I'm glad that ADISC has given you something to do during all those late nights! - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.