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System Destruction

Classes begin again!

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So, it's been a little while since I've given my usual blogging posting... I'm unsure as to what usual means, but let me pretend this is usual right now.

Classes have just began again as of 2 days ago...

Tuesdays (and Thursdays) I have 2 courses:

Philosophy - Images of the Self (A repeat course, I hated the teacher, and by proxy the course)
Computer Science - 3D Graphics (OpenGL)


So first off, Images of the Self (Here on out IOTS)... My first day back here I sat all morning searching for a course I could take instead of IOTS, however, I couldn't find anything. I was really disgusted that I'd have to go deal with the same teacher again in a course that is only somewhat interesting.

I really didn't feel like going, but I made a New Years Resolution that I would miss no class unless I was very ill, or unable to make it here (snow storm).

After going, I realized one awesome thing! The teacher who was supposed to be teaching the course was away on sabbatical! That means, I didn't have to deal with her again (woot). But then, another thing struck me; how hard was this new teacher going to make the course? and will I even like him.

After only about 5 minutes of hearing him talk (and then him letting us go early <Because he wanted to go sleep>) I realize that he is an extremely entertaining, and energetic professor. Really, I think that this was the most engaged I have ever been in a class in my life.


Graphics, is a course I chose to take for personal interest, so I know I will like it


Wednesday (and Mon/Fri) [3 courses]:

Mathematics - Combinatorics and Graph Theory
Mathematics/Computer Science - Cryptography
Mathematics - Statistics


Firstly, Statistics is a course I only require to graduate, it's not going to be hard (I hope), and I've done stats before (although I hated it a lot) in high school.

Granted, there is one student I think already deserves an F



"If we have an average of 70% on the exam, and 100 students... but I made a mistake on one mark (was 60% should be 80%) how did this affect our average?"

But this one kid was like "Well, if you take 60 and 80, then multiply them together and use the new subdomain of marks from the previous statement..." At that point I just stopped listening and facepalmed.


Graph Theory is a course that I was really nervous about, I'm not that strong at mathematical proofs, although I know a lot about graphs and some theory behind them I still was nervous that this course would be difficult for me.

After seeing the course outline I'm pretty sure it's easy.

*sigh of relief*


Cryptography is a course once again that I took because I really wanted to learn about it, should be no problems here.


Last bit

I had the oddest dream the other night...

I dreamt I was with these people near what I can remember as being a power station, and some girl there touched apole and screamed "aah, something jumped out and bit me". At this point I woke up (or I think I did), and heard a loud buzzing noise and felt something hitting/attacking my foot (which I think was a hornet/bee caused by the dream).

I jumped out of bed at mach 1 and ran to my door pulling the blankets off my bed and turning the light on.

It really wasn't all to enjoyable, it was one hell of a way to wake up though XD

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  1. Near's Avatar
    Have fun not falling asleep in stats, btw.
  2. LBcub's Avatar
    If you have any questions in your 3D graphics class I could probably provide some help... - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.