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My life in diapers

Somewhat back from my slumber...

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Hey all. Sorry I haven't been very active here. Meh, I did mention I probably wouldn't be. :P Anyway, what has happened since my last blog update. A WHOLE LOT.

Well on the topic of diaper life, I bought attends and LOVE them! That was a few months ago however and I've been diaper free for some time. But it's driving me crazy! I can't quite figure out why either. The desire to wear diapers..... where does it come from? Why do I have it? I spent many years without diapers..... And the desire is still there. I figure it's something so ingrained into my life that it's near impossible to remove.

So, I've decided to buy some more attends, and some plastic pants too. My last diaper experience could have very much gone better had I had some plastic pants, hence the purchase.

....On another note, I've noticed that I'm slowing becoming more and more interested in TBism. Wanting to wear the diapers with pictures on them, the pacifiers, the clothes... Ack!! I never thought I'd get interested in that stuff. Actually thinking back, there were times when I wanted these things. I have this one memory of trying to put on a... hm... I forget what they're called. :P A full pj I guess, ya know like what babies (and some what to bes ) wear when going to bed. I find it interesting. So I plan on keeping a diaper journal to track my thoughts and feelings. Wish me luck.

Tah tah for now!


  1. Mandy's Avatar
    haha lol i feel ya' i kinda did the same thing but backwards i was only interested in baby stuff then when i learned about tb's and diapers at first the idea was a turn-off for me but since then iv'e kept getting more and more curious now i really want to try them yet i still havn't gotten some.

    as for your desire its the same like everything else in life i love theatre for the feeling i get i love to entertain people i love to do improv theatre because i love to make people laugh i get the same for just sucking my paci or something its the feeling you get. diaper journal hmh....thats one i have never heard before anyways i think im going to go now - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.