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I told my family I run ADISC

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I've told all my immediate family about ADISC, and even showed one of them the site.
Here's part of one of those conversations:


Me: You know I run websites, right?

Dad: Yes, I've known you've been involved in charity work for awhile


Well, what you may not know is that a site I run, 'ADISC', is designed for people who want (or need) to wear diapers.

I started it while I was a teen, because the lives of such people are often much more difficult than, for example, the lives of gay people are. Gay people have an increasing amount of acceptance from the general public. On the other hand, people who want/need diapers are pretty much unknown, and can face very negative reactions when they do come out.

When I was a teen, friends of mine became depressed because they had nobody to talk to about what was going on in their lives. Some became very seriously depressed. The suicide rate for gay teens is huge compared to straight teens, and I think it is even worse with AB/DLs.
By running ADISC, I believe I am helping young AB/DLs fight isolation, fight depression, and ultimately, I believe I am saving lives.

Young AB/DLs are desparate for someone to understand them. They will seek out understanding and acceptance from people on the internet, because that's the only place they feel safe doing so. They fear the reactions of their family, and can't trust their friends. I had a good friend who turned to the unsafe corners of the internet to know that they were not alone, and almost got raped in a hotel room as a result. He was about 13 at the time. This happened because there was no safe space for him to communicate with other young AB/DLs - so he turned to risky places out of simple desperation.
By running ADISC, I believe I am helping young AB/DLs form safe friendships, friendships which will enable them to learn about and accept who they are, without putting themselves at risk. In short, I believe I am protecting vulnerable young people from being exploited.

I want you to know about this side of me, because I've felt that there's a perception in my family that I'm just a big kid - an adult that spends most of their time playing computer games and messing around on the internet. Sure, I play computer games. Sure, I do sometimes surf around the internet with no particular purpose in mind. Thing is, though, I do these things as a break from my responsibilities.
Much of the time is devoted to what is effectively charity work - attempting to help protect people, often vulnerable people, from isolation, depression, and serious safety risks.

All this is difficult to talk about, but I feel like, if we're to have a real relationship, you need to know that I spend a lot of my time trying to help people who seem to really, really need it.

You may have thought I do the odd programming project, and spend much of my time playing games.
That's not how I see it.
I see it as saving teens and young adults from depression and, to put it bluntly, serious safety risks, on a regular basis.

I see myself as trying to provide for others what my friends and I wished we had, growing up. To provide what we suffered for not having.

Dad: OK. That makes sense.

Me: I know this may not have been something you expected to hear from me. You can see, though, why this is important to me? And why I feel like you don't really know or understand me as a person without knowing this stuff?

Dad: Yes. I can understand. I'm glad you told me. *hugs*


  1. SilentWhisper's Avatar
    All that and more ^_^
    We all thank you!

    And glad ya got that off your chest to boot, sorry I don't have any deeper comments than that >.>"
  2. Icey's Avatar
    Wow, Moo!! That must've been so hard to do, yet must've made you so proud to know your dad supported you in what you are doing!! I bet the hug said more than the words ever could!! To second what SilentWhisper has said, thank you Moo, for what you do here, for all of us!! ^_^

  3. Tygon's Avatar
    Well, *claps*. Glad that went over well.

    And thank you--I wish this site was around when I was 13, instead of some of the other sites I found.
  4. squashNstretch's Avatar
    Runs the most well known and accessible website for ABDL's on the planet. Never got around to telling his parents until today. Im glad it went well
  5. BandNerd's Avatar
    Congrats! I am very proud of your bravery, as it can be very hard to talk to family members about this kind of stuff. Thank you again for running such a clean, safe, and wonderful website. You have changed our community for the better.
  6. NameCzechsOut's Avatar
    I'm glad he took it well!
  7. cgh's Avatar
    Knowing how difficult it can be to tell family I can only say 'congratulations and well done'. This site has helped, and continues to help, so many people.

  8. Tezzeh's Avatar
    Congrats, and thanks for the site. Some of the friends that I have made on Skype (from meeting on here) as well as in the IRC have gotten me through some tough times and have ultimately helped prevent me from killing myself, and for that I thank you.
  9. June's Avatar
    I really owe a lot to you personally, Moo. You have no idea how much this site has changed my life. Thank you so much.
  10. BabyPandora's Avatar
    Moo, I thank you so much for making this site *hugs tightly* Not only did you save a TB's live, but you also saved a transsexual's life. If it weren't for you and some of the people on this site, I'd be six feet under by my own hand.

    Thank you, and I'm glad your dad accepted you.
  11. user13640's Avatar
    Yo moo I gotta thank you for all the work you have done for us Its been crazy helpful and I'm super glad you care enough to spend time doing this for us.
  12. WildThing121675's Avatar
    Wow, that is a positive response from a parent! I give you credit for your creation Moo. I feel more comfortable even though I feel like I'm not popular- here than I do anywhere else! Kudos Moo!
  13. Jewbacca's Avatar
    I'm really curious why your dad referenced running websites as "involved with charity work"
  14. Rukario's Avatar
    I'm glad everything went well in the end, and thank you for doing a great job running the site!
  15. Cherub's Avatar
    Thank you Moo for all the dedication and hard work you've put into this site! It is, bar none, the BEST AB/DL site on the internet! I am very happy to hear that everything went well between you and your dad when you opened up and told him about ADISC. I hope this site will be around for a long time to come!!
  16. Wiggly's Avatar
    Awesome! Your dad sounds like a really great guy.
    Thanks for everything, Moo. ^^
  17. Huddles's Avatar
    Hey well done Moo. Very true. You have done so much for this community, and we all appreciate it so much.

    Also well done to show that kind of courage. I know I couldn't tell my Dad that!
  18. Marka's Avatar
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