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My New Plastic Pants...and wearing on New Year's Eve....

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Since I've had problems with the Assurance diapers leaking from the wings while lying on my side at night, I decided to get some plastic pants. I went to the local medical supply store to see what they had, but to my dismay they are the snap type, so the sides are not fully enclosed. I'd rather have the pull up kind, but I decided to try the snap side ones. They work better than nothing. Instead of totally soaking the sheets I only mildly dampen them. So I guess the plastic pants are mostly doing what they should, but I'm still going to get some that are totally pull up with no snaps, therefore no gaps. One of the other things I do not like about my new plastic pants is that they tend to not come up all the way in the back. This is not a big problem, but I did notice last night that since the sides got wet, it leaked a little out of the waist in the back. All in all though, I like the plastic pants. In addition to the increased leak protection, they make the experience even better. So far I've only wet them....I've not really messed with the plastic pants on, but hopefully I'll do so this week.

I was hoping to be wearing a wet diaper at midnight on New Year's Eve, but I had to make poopy pants about two hours before midnight, and since I was with the family I decided to just change out of them and not wear the rest of the night. It was a bit of a bummer, but oh well...I'm diapered almost every night now, so it's not that big of a deal.

I'm almost out of Abena L4 diapers and am hoarding them until I can wear a little bit after waking up. I love the Abenas and do not like to change out of them until I absolutely have to. So for right now I'm just using the Assurance diapers with the plastic pants. I do hope I can find a good deal again on the Abenas because those are my absolute favorites.

Hugs to all....

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