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Sprained wrist and writers block

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Well, this sure as hell hasn't been a good week. Seriously, I'm in one of these periods when nothing at all works out for me. I could list up lots of things that annoy me just now, but that wouldn't really be gun wouldn't it?

But anyway, yesterday me and a lad where shooting some footage for a project including some basic parkour movements. It went rather well. It was tough since I had to display all movements at least two times due to the fact that we only could shoot from one angle at a time. After about three hours of active shooting I was to display some simple l‚chť. I must have done something wrong since I immediately felt a sharp pain in my right wrist. I didn't really see it as a problem and moved on. But during a demitour jump I missjudged my velocity and the firmness of the edge and hurt my wrist badly when I used it as support. The pain caused me to drop the grip on the edge and fell to the ground. It was a good two meter fall, and I reacted normally trying to ease the fall with my toes and palms. But my already damaged hand couldn't take anymore and got sprained as well as my thumb. That was of course the end of that session and probably anything the coming weeks. I can't really move my hand now, and it will take som time now until I can.

To top that, my back is starting to hurt more. I've had some slight backtrouble since my accident. I'm going to see a doctor soon. It's really hurting my active lifestyle nowadays. I can't bend over without the sharp pain in my lower back any longer. It feels like the back is going to snap anytime, and we wouldn't like that, would we.

What's more to say. For those of you that are unaware I write alot. Everything from short novels to renderings of existing work. But I've been in a state of writers block for some time now, and I'm starting to worry. I had a few projects that I'd love to pursue, but those are as of this day on hiatus.

Not more to say. Life sucks.

Oh and by the way. I'm going to be 15 in september, so I figured I write my wishes. My family ain't to keen to grant them, but I really didn't expect that. My wish(s) were rather simple. I want a staitjacket, a real medical kind and/or a crimson colored suit. By that I mean pants, jacket and fedora hat. That isn't so much to ask for? But my folks say that they don't really know where to get neither of that. I've tried to tell them that straitjackers can be ordered through sites like Ebay, but they of course doesn't believe in that. I've also said that a suit could be ordered though any good store that sells and makes clothes, but no. They are probably gonna get me something other. Like socks and underwear. Maybe a videogame, even though they know I'm not interested in that. I do appreciate that they care for my birthday and will try to get something. But why can't they just for once focus on something I really want? If they get me any of the things I request, I would gladly skip christmas present and live on the spirit. But why would I hope that? Silly me.

Cheap bastards.

Oh, also a girlfriend would be nice. Have any to spare?



  1. blarg's Avatar
    Writer blocks aren't hard to get past simply write something that you love and bam before u know it you're writing 100 words per minute
    Good luck. Happy coming up b-day - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.