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System Destruction

Unable to take deep breaths

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Not that anyone here is a doctor, or anything. As I do plan on bringing it up with my doctor next time I see him but I'm curious if anyone else knows what may cause this.

I used to have asthma, so I guess it could be that; but I doubt it. This has also been happening on and off for years.

It feels as though if I'm trying to take a deep breath because I'm uncomfortable, or I try to yawn that the breathing stops abruptly just part way through. It's as though I can't complete the breath, and is kind of annoying. Since to (feel better in the sense) I need to get in a deep breath, but I am unable to do it.

On occasion when I'm in a yawn and the yawn cuts out half way through, if I breathe out a little bit and then breathe in quickly I can get a deep enough breath. It's odd to explain.


Outside of that, how was everyone's xmas/holidays?
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  1. goldfishy's Avatar
    that sounds like a serious thing. could be your heart or something. i wouldn't wait long to see a doctor if i was you.

    xmas was okay, lots of tastey beverages
  2. Lobie's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by goldfishy
    that sounds like a serious thing. could be your heart or something. i wouldn't wait long to see a doctor if i was you.

    xmas was okay, lots of tastey beverages
    Certainly hope not :P It's been happening for a long time, so I doubt that is it. Either way I'll be at a doctor -soon-
  3. Quilu's Avatar
    Have you tried breathing with your diaphragm? I usually find it hard to get a good deep breath with only my chest.
  4. Cottontail's Avatar
    I'd really recommend seeing a doctor as soon as possible. Even if "it" happened before, "it" could have a different cause this time. Better to know for sure.

    I speak from experience, by the way. I had similar symptoms about three years ago which turned out to be myocarditis, an inflammation of the heart muscle. Not a heart attack, but still very destructive and potentially deadly. And yet, I almost didn't go to the hospital, as the shortness of breath was not severe. Mainly it just felt... weird. Unfortunately, conclusive diagnosis was only made after they'd already prepped me for angioplasty, injected my heart with dye, and observed that no blockages existed (I got to observe too, as the monitor was right next to my head and I was still awake--very unpleasant!). Fortunately, it was all caught early enough that they were able to give me massive doses of anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent further damage. The cardiologist explained that a virus likely made its way into my heart muscle. I'd had a cold and a bout of gastroenteritis earlier the same week, so it made sense. I was officially given a one-in-twenty chance of needing a heart transplant! I'd rather not have been told!

    Anyway... better safe than sorry! I'll never *not* go straight to the ER after that incident!
  5. kite's Avatar
    When I get anxiety attacks I get this sensation. Are you under any stress at the moment?
  6. user13640's Avatar
    Huh that used to happen to me when I was in the pool between ages 14 and 8. It was weird I just couldn't breath in all the way like a pressure not allowing it. Its an uncomfortable feeling. Hope it gets better.
  7. Lobie's Avatar
    :/ I'm not under what I would consider stress, but I guess that it could be. Actually always happens to me if I am in a pool that is cold. :3
  8. Tiddles's Avatar
    It almost sounds like a part blockage ? As you have asthma you could try doubling up on the meds. Get it checked out with the docs/vets asap. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.