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Diapers and pacifiers Shopping

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Finally back in diapers again. I had loads of fun while family was here before they left this morning. I finally went to Walgreens to see what was bugging me inside. There was a whole lots of diapers that took half of one side of the isle! There were bags of them of different one, mostly Certainty than Depends. And affordable! I decided to buy my first NUK pacifier. I can't tell what kind it is (you know, 1 2 or 3...). But, it's soft and my teeth aren't sore from the last pacifier I had found a week ago. My trip all around town and tired feet have been paid off.

Why did I not buy the Certainty diapers instead of the pacifier? I have a good stash of Goodnites, so until they run out I'm okay with not buying them.

My pacifier trip-I went to Kmart there was a NUK pacifier that was the right color that I desired, but it was 6+ months. When I went to Walgreens, I found the NUK pacifier for 18+ months. I was a little nervous about purchasing them. I decided to play dumb and brushed it off. I also got some snackers too. No questions were asked or strange looks were given. Overall, I had a great day.

Happy holidays everyone!

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