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Going to church, even though I'm not a Christian?!

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It's something I've been thinking about. I gladly left the Christian faith simply because it has left a bad mark on people in my family, other families, and history altogether. I got into fundamental Buddhism, and it's been awesome ever since. I also tend to talk down about following something without question, which is what led me to see the fallacies in the Bible from a literal perspective, which is how most Christians tend to look at the Bible, along with other misleading statements that have arisen due to mankind and its natural fear of difference.

But regardless of my disbelief in such, I cannot help but admit that Jesus was in fact a flawless man and a performer of miracles. I found out that such miracles can be done through sacred geometry and meditation, and can in fact heal people if utilized to its full potential. I have always believed that Jesus was real and was a good man, but that he was not the Son of God. Even Jesus himself said "All this you can do, and more."

So, it is for this reason that I will go to church on Christmas morning. Not because I follow the belief that he is God reincarnate, but that he is the only known person in the history of the world (as far as I know) that has utilized alchemy and sacred geometry so well.


  1. Laz's Avatar
    That is a very intesting view on it. I'm a christain myself but I do question some things in the bible because they don't make sense. I enjoy seeing others views on all religions.
  2. Cottontail's Avatar
    Unless your chosen belief system forbids it, or you feel spiritually void or conflicted for doing so, then going along with what your family does is simply the obvious thing to do. Or, put another way, doing something else would in many cases be much harder, and wouldn't help you at all. In fact, your family would probably misinterpret your intent for a much more general "I'm not with you," or worse," I'm *against* you," and that's not what you want.

    If you'd converted to another Abrahamic faith, however, you'd probably have some tough calls to make!

    My wife and I were both raised Christian, and continue to celebrate Christmas and Easter with our families despite being irreligious because, simply put, it would be harder not to. We make our own beliefs (or lack thereof) clear to our children, and also make it clear that others believe differently and are free to do so. Society as we know it would collapse in an instant if we all took every opportunity to demonstrate our differences. I respect your decision to "hold back."
  3. Vayne's Avatar
    I don't blame you for going to church. I wouldn't mind going myself because from all the lessons that they try to teach in church I believe there is also a hidden meaning I can find in it to apply to my own life. I understand what you mean by the bible being flawed by man, because I've also looked into it myself and I can see how truly manipulated it's teachings are. You know I think that you're beliefs and mine are about one in the same. Then again at the same time totally different since it's a belief of analyzing ones own reality. We should talk some time. Between this and your comment on my forum post the other day it seems you have some interesting posts.
  4. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    Well I didn't actually go to church because my parents did not wake up in time...LOL.

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