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Plastic backed Abena

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Has anyone else been writing to Abena saying they still want plastic backing on their briefs?
If enough people gripe over it, companies will listen.
Just like that stupid thing about white Coca Cola cans.


  1. plenka's Avatar
    Abena doesn't make a very good pen pal it seems. I've hit em up a few times, no reply so far. Hope they're listening anyways...
  2. JayJ's Avatar
    I hope so too. Another idea, don't know if this will work or not, is to write to incontinent suppliers and say you want the old style. If these companies hear people want old school stuff, they'll (hopefully) write to the manufacturer and say to keep the supply going. It's a long shot. It can't hurt to try. It's better to go out fighting, right?
  3. Point's Avatar
    Oh dang it's just diet Coke in the fridge. Oh wait it's regular Coke! But now I don't want Coke.

    I just noticed the tag 25 minutes later... I am proud!
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