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Happy Holidays Everyone.

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So happy today, so I thought I'd write my first Blog. I got my footed sleeper in the mail. It's my first, it fits a little snug but that's ok I kinda wanted it snug, beside I'm gonna loose more weight. I bought it from pajama city, the quality appears to be good. In case you're wondering it is red with ninja monkey's that are kung foo fighting, it also has some Ying & Yang symbols scattered in the design. There is a zip up front and no butt flap. (What's the butt flap for anyway I certainly won't need it lol) I think I'm gonna order another one soon. I also go my new paci in the mail earlier in the week which was preceeded by another shipment of padding supplies. So all in all my Holiday's are shaping up fine. I hope all you're holiday wishes are happening for all of you out there as well.

Anyways, Happy Holiday's everyone!

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