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Why I haven't been on

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Well I haven't been on for a while, like 4 days =0, lol.

ANYWAYS, I went over to my friends house for a 3 person LAN party (me, him and his brother) and left my computer over there for a while.

I would've gone on more, but my computer was completely wide out in the open and all that stuff -.-.

It was pretty fun though, and me and my vent friend MIGHT'VE found a loophole in the WoW private servers and there legality (we had a huge thing over this a little while ago if anyone rems) =D.

We played Garry's mod 10 most of the time, and played some CSS too. I had been meaning to get my computer back, but I needed a car cause I really didn't want to walk a 20 something pound computer, that I could accidentally drop and break, back to my house which was like 2 streets over from his house =/.

I'm going to a Church Lockin that KINDA starts tomorrow. I say kinda because we are actually going over to one of adults house to go swimming, then they are going to take us in there GIANT van to the church where we will do stuffz XD.


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