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birthday and christmas in the month of december

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i turned 22 on the 1st of december this year (2011) and it has taken me over a week to write about it but never mind hear i am now.
I got some cool stuff for my birthday, i have being work out mad for about a year now and my mum and dad got me some dumbbells that you add the required weight to I'm actually enjoying using them which is some thing i thought i wold never say, i got a good chunk of money which i was going to use to get my self a new sleep suit,

but decided to get the loony tunes golden collection box set which is a in-depth look at the loony tunes and warner brothers history of animation its pretty cool, as well as that set i got a second box set of loony tunes shows this set is divided by who's the main star for example there are two tom and jerry volumes in this set and one set is full of cartoons where tom takes center stage and the second volume is jerry as the main star.

the money i had left after getting these dvd sets i used to get some more clothes but who wants to hear about clothes. as well as the dumbbells and money my sister got me a pac-man stress ball which i think is cool but not as cool as what she has got me for christmas a few months ago i told her about my AB side i didn't go in to to much detail but she seems cool with it as she has got me a huge cuddly tiger holding a baby tiger i think its a awesome gift but my only concern is what will my mum and dad say they started asking questions when i bought my lotso bear from the disney store

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