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The Randomicity of a SuperDan...


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... I don't know if you remember me, but I'm the rambling idiot that used to appear every now and again. I have taken a brief sabbatical to explore my new whalefurriness, only to discover I'm not actually a whalefur, I'm just a whale. That sucked. Also, the car went bang. And I think I quite like the word "clunky". it actually sounds clunky. Today, though, I uncovered perhaps my favouritest benefit of "popping in dippers"... I hate it when you 'go' in the toilet and it splashes back to such a degree that you get a wet bum and a shock... Hate it! I intend to either plop from a greater height, do it some bushes, or wear more frequently. Watch this space.


  1. acorn's Avatar
    Ohh, have I a bone to pick with you!!! I thought that "The Randomicity of a SuperDan..." was a series of blogs, when in fact it seems to be more about the frequency in which you post. Don't mention cars again, aquired one recently from a friend and spent a kings ransom getting the clutch done. Transpires the previous owner also thought; the red light with the watering can symbol was a seasonal decoration. Welcome back "rambling idiot" you've been missed more than you'll ever know. :)
  2. user13640's Avatar
    Missed you ^_^ get on skype!
  3. Tezzeh's Avatar
    Welcome back, Dan.

    When will you start coming out with your hilarious blogs again? :P
  4. BerkoBear's Avatar
    I know you really want to just poop in your nappies DanDan, but allow me to amaze and excite. If you put some toilet paper down before you sit, you wont get splashing and a wet bum.
  5. Lobie's Avatar
    ^_^ *waves*
  6. quattrus's Avatar
    I was starting to wonder where you had gone.

    I'm glad you're back ^^

    What happened to your car btw?
  7. DanDanSuperman's Avatar
    Peachy -> sounds like an awesome book. I shall poop-print a copy and it shall be yours.

    ThomasHuskyMuffin -> Bless your cotton socks! It was a satirical joke - I was simply being stupid (so what's new?) I'm not actually any kind of fur. I just thought it was funny (and a nice idea) that I could call myself a whalefur even though whales don't have fur. Everyone took it so seriously, though! Also... Pray tell, what else makes you sad in a bathroom!? :O

    acorn -> Cars are barstewards. I am investing in a horse. End of story. But I luff yew and missed you also.

    AlvinS3ville -> Yaaaaaaaaay!! Thankyou!! How aaareyou?

    godofponies -> I've BEEN on Skype and you never even speak to me, you meany! You big, mean girl! And ponies are rubbish things to be the God of - I'd have chosen to be the God of Skittles and sex

    teslacoil -> Hellooooo! As an artist, I ask that I be respected and left alone to build my art in peace. As such, I am unable to say when the next piece will be unveiled - the spirits will decide!

    Berko -> Down where? The toilet? Or down round the toilet seat like a BIG SISSY GIRL! ICK! No, I take your point (wherever you want to put it) and will try it next time. I wish I were a smart as you, you're jeeniuss! *bug higs*

    alu -> Yay! When I see him, I shall give him kisses

    Lobie -> *Mexican waves* (your turn)

    quattrus -> Hello! A little bit of life got in the way (definitely hate being a big boy!) but I return! My car... Ugh, the 'head gasket blew'. As a gay man, this didn't mean much more to me than "Oh nooooo - sounds expensive. Now I can't afford more nappies! " How ARE you?
  8. SillyFox's Avatar
    Hay how did you get out of my basement!!! (checks basement ) oooooo Never mind its just an over sized gummy bear.
    Good to see you dadansuperman. :P
  9. quattrus's Avatar
    Pretty fine, thanks! ^^
    Head gasket, well, I'd say it could be worse. It usually goes along with overheating issues, be sure that the mechanics check what was the cause behind it to avoid the problem showing up again. Once done that, your car (blue Megane coupè, iirc?) should be fine.
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