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Ever ordered something AB/DL-related, waited for-friggin'-ever for it to arrive, and been thoroughly let down?

Not me--until today. I recently got back into cloth diapers. For 20+ years prior, I'd been using mostly baby diapers. Baby diapers are everywhere. They're an "instant gratification" diaper. If you go wrong, you're out $10 and the few minutes it took you to run to the local supermarket and back. I'm not used to ordering diapers and then spending anxious weeks waiting for them and hoping they're what I wanted. It sucks!! I salute those of you who do that all the time!

My first couple of orders went ok. I ordered prefolds from both and Both are great, and I loved what I got. I then discovered that Rearz in Canada sells the same prefolds as Changing Times, and also sells a cool-looking fitted snap-on version, the "Super Snap." Two weeks ago, I ordered a pair of them.

I waited.

And waited.

U.S. Customs is slllloooowwwwww!

The diapers arrived today. They looked fantastic. I'd waited simply too long to leave them sitting in the car for another night, so I threw them into the wash and started prepping them. An hour later, they were in the dryer. An hour later, a very excited Yours Truly pulled them out of the dryer. Even though the usual prepping process involves five or six wash cycles, I couldn't resist trying them on, so...

The large diaper was too large. Fine. I always order two sizes just in case, and I figured the large would be... large.

The medium dia--CRAP!!

One of the inside seams that runs the length of the diaper had missed the outer layer of cloth, leaving an enormous hole in the padding. I know I'm not describing it well, and a picture would be better, but I can't be bothered. I'm just too disappointed to do more than complain about it right now.

I doubt if I'll be ordering anything from Rearz again. Too much waiting to end up with something like this.

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