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Why do people do these kinds of things?

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Well anyways I have not been up to much lately =/, I hope to go to hardknocks on Friday night or maybe before I dunno but meh.

Also, we will HOPEFULLY be having a lock-in at church for the youth group this Saturday =) it's gonna be soooo fun.

Um I just learned about some serious stuff that I will be posting in some thread today, probably either in the mature section or the Reg section, but it almost made me cry, and made me VERY angry, it has to do with a Unitarian Church up in Tennessee that had some serious stuff happen, you might have heard of it or not I dunno but GAHHHH!!!!


  1. Mandy's Avatar
    i knoww im really sorry about the shooting im a christian and i question why god can allow such bad but i dunno i guess he has his reasons

    btw im glad to hear your getting involved with your church i went a lock in with my church uber funn and im going a bible study class
  2. ShippoFox's Avatar
    People suck. That's why. (In general, of course. I know some people are exceptions to the rule.)
  3. Samaki's Avatar
    Yes most people do Shippo.

    And mandy, I've only been to one church lock in it was sooo fun.

    I'm starting to calm down over the whole thing, I just felt really bad for my friend, you have know idea how bad she was crying.

    Before she even started talking she started crying, and throughout the whole concern she wouldn't stop crying. Although apparently her mom learned that her friend was not on the list of injured, so I think she's feeling a little better, everyone from youth group is very sad about this whole thing, but she was def affected the most, since she actually knew someone who went to the church.

    I know that I said the main motive right now is the gay marriage sign. Well they haven't proven it and the guy hasn't started talking, but that's def one of the top motives they think. They had only put up that sign a few days before that, so either it was just a coincidence that he attacked right after they put up the sign, or it really was his motive, which I hope it's not because that's a REALLY big case of homophobia.

    Im going to put most of this comment in my post btw
  4. Mandy's Avatar
    evrybody thinks at my church when i do stuff with the kids there its like we only talk about god and the bible but we dont its fun normal kids i think church is a great way to meet people
  5. Samaki's Avatar
    Yes it is actually, at Youth Group we don't actually talk about anything really religious, it's just kinda a whole hunorchious group of kids that come from each church, sometimes they don't even go to the church and come with a friend or something, and there are cons like 2-3 times a year, I hope to go to a con soon I dunno when it will be though =/. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.