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Back agian.

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Back again to ADISC after several months, only recently have I been able to get more diapers. In fact that is what prompted my return as I just bought a jumbo pack of Target UP and Up baby diapers, size 6 of course, and a 26 pack of the brand new Goodnites. The Target diapers actually preformed quite well! They were lacking in stretchiness so I had to mod. them, and they lacked any scent, however the cover had a nice, soft feel and were able to hold a double, moderate sized wetting (going slow).
I can't speak to the performance of the new Goodnites, however the fit is incredible! They fit my 6ft, 170lbs. frame superbly and are ridiculously comfortable. I wish I did not have to go to class soon or I'd wear them all day.
As to my non-DL life, and I am sure purist DLs would have a problem with me saying that since I do not wear adult diapers, my first semester of grad. school is winding down with the usual slurry of projects and finals. Peace to all, I hope to talk again some point before the new year.

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