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Working on a song.

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And it's actually going fairly well this time around.

I believe it is going better because I chose a topic that speaks to me, and I'm not relying on other peoples input in order to really get the ball rolling.

As for the topic I chose, I didn't want to write about the stuff people usually write about. To me, it is stupid to write about things that really have no meaning to ones self. It would be stupid to write about a girl, if the girl you were writing about had no connection to you and it would be even worse if that girl didn't exist. To me, that is just forced creativity and that is all you'll hear when you strike that first chord. That stale, uninspiring sound that just wavers off into the background.

So, back to my song topic. For the song I am working on, I chose to write about my own inability to retain knowledge. I'm only 19, yet I feel as though my mind is slipping at a rate that far exceeds my age. I know, it might not sound very interesting, but I just feel like I can never remember the things I learn. It's one of the reasons why I failed math at college. I studied for hours and hours, but when I got to the exam I knew nothing. Even with the most basic of skills, I cannot remember.

It's going farely well, it's just me and an acoustic guitar. I decided to leave the band out on this one. I might ask for their help when I am finished. Currently there is an air of darkness about the song, but it shifts to a positive balance in the chorus. As it sits right now, the lyrics aren't particularly negative either, mostly neutral. For example, this line in the second verse: " I can't remember the good times, though there were so many."

Well, thats all for now. After writing this blog I feel so cheesy... hmm.



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