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System Destruction

Oooh, I got diseases!

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Yes! Diseases!

But first, there is more important news to mention. The first of which is that, I will be dying my hair relatively soon! Because that is always fun, probably blue (only the bangs). I suppose that isn't that exciting to hear about but *puts on sunglasses* Deal with it.

I'm strangely happy, I have no idea why I don't suppose I have any reason to be! But ha, take that fate.

Things went really well this week, I dominated over half of 2 final projects, and got a really good start on my last Operating Systems assignment. Not much else to say other than me feeling much less stressed out then before.

In the odd news, despite my happiness the nightmares have not subsided yet and I fear going to sleep right now. Maybe I'm happy from a lack of sanity due to a lack of sleep, and a caffeine or sugar high. x3

On Black Friday I was attempting to buy the Giant Plush Microbes off of Think Geek on the 2 for 1 deal. I decided to put that on hold, because shipping is so expensive =(

On Cyber Monday I went back to the site because they said they had free shipping! I found that they still had the 2 for 1 deal, I was so excited. Then I found out that the deal for free shipping was only to the US. Americans are so mean! *whimpers*

I should note that on Monday the website was dreadfully slow, and was painful to work with. But I still went to place the order for the microbes when I found out that shipping wasn't free for me.

Today I got an email from ThinkGeek saying that they apologized the site was so slow, and gave me a $20 coupon to use on their site to make up for it (because I placed an order while the site was slow).

So I basically got 2 of the microbes for free! Although I was going to buy 4, I am happy with 2.

I bought myself some Anthrax and the Common Cold so that I can both get a simple flu, and killed by Anthrax.

More news ----

Awesome news: My fursuit should be -started- soon (Granted, I haven't inquired about wearing my glasses in the fursuit so not only will I be blind, I'll have restricted vision as well!). I'm scared of contact lenses.
Great news: I should be able to afford all planned conventions in 2012 (YAY)
Good news: I got my student loan in
Bad news: It leaves me < $100 to last until May

Hilarious news: Turns out I *am* scared of my shadow. I was walking up to open up the door to my university, where I saw my reflection in the window I got startled and turned away to see my shadow which startled me as well. I however blame it on being tired.

--- Well that was exciting!

End blog


  1. Near's Avatar
    You would be the kind of person to be scared by your own shadow >.>
  2. Lobie's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Near
    You would be the kind of person to be scared by your own shadow >.>
    I'm beginning to think I'm scared of everything...

    No I'm scared of contacts peachy >_>

    I have enough diseases! No more please :3
  3. Cottontail's Avatar
    I decided to try reading this post from the middle outwards. Didn't work at all. (Buying anthrax--WHAT?!) *backs up and retries from top* AH! Ok, I understand now. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.