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gamers goof up (and appology)

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hey guys first off I'd like to apologize for not being around so much... or it all for that matter. computers broken bunch of stuff in my life you know it happens...


so on november 10th like most of the people in my city, I went to gamestop and waited in line for skyrim, at about 2 in the morning I picked up my copy of my collectors addition and headed
just after thanksgiving and a lot of gaming I realized something. I had completely forgotten that I had preordered halo anniversary.
luckily I'm friends with most of the people that work at gamestop maybe because I spent so much there and I still had my reciept. they still managed to have a pre order copy in stock and just handed it over despite the fact that I was about a week or 2 late
Tags: funny, halo, skyrim
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