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I think I just heard my cat get attacked...

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I just heard some commotion outside my window and I heard at least one cat. I'm very afraid it's ours. She goes outside all the time, she loves it out there.

Just went around the house and couldn't find her anywhere...this isn't good! I looked from the porch but couldn't see anything either.

Goddamnit. That was my favorite cat in the world. I think I may just scavenge the woods for her remains...


  1. cavemans's Avatar
    OH NO i hope your cat is all right i have 2 cats and i would be devistated if anything happened to them!
  2. JayJ's Avatar
    I hope your kitty is safe! :<
  3. Tygon's Avatar
    I've heard that commotion many times. My cat (or the other cats for that matter) never died from a cat fight, though it wouldn't be unusual for my cat to sort of 'go into hiding' for a while after a fight. He may have had some nasty scratches, but he was far from dead. He was a semi-stray and lived outside; just showed up on our doorstep one day in a snowstorm and ended up getting free food for the rest of his life.
  4. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    It's all good, people! Although this cat was definitely outside all night, she came back without a scratch! Ah I'm quite relieved.
  5. Cottontail's Avatar
    Very good news! Our cat's been to the vet a few times to deal with the aftermath of run-ins with raccoons and other wildlife. I think she thinks she's a lion or something! I'm quite convinced, however, that outdoor cats lead better lives. Nobody wants to be stuck in a box.
  6. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    Yeah, most cats have the instinct to know that outside is better, even if they have never been outside! It's really a scary thing when you live in Appalachia of our cats got eaten by a coyote or something. We really don't even know, we let him out one rainy night and he never came back.

    Fortunately, that cat was nothing more than a fat nuisance who was extremely loud. It didn't hurt very badly when we knew he wasn't coming back, to say the least LOL this cat I talked about, however, is probably our most treasured cat. She followed me on a mile long hike right back to the house!

    We have another one who we like just as much, but he's a man. He can handle himself outside. Hahaha

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