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I know that most of you dont know a lot about me xD but i wanted to me make a blog about something :/
Im a very confident person , i have huge selfesteem, i love to talk in public and i love attention, i have radical ideas when it comes to my beliefs, i would love to study science of communications and in the appropiate moment i would like to get into politics.
Even with my HUGE selfesteem and my confidence , i try to get along with everyone and i do my best to be everyones friend, now i know that you cant be everyones friend but i still do my best xD
I am also part of a small Rotary Club in my country, we help underprivileged children , we paint public schools, etc .
Now im on eleventh grade and in my school everyone knows me because of how much i like to talk in public, and this as gotten me a lot of attention , a lot of my teachers tell me how good i am , and that i have a lot of talent.
but also sometimes i get a lot of hate, but the hate its something that i know how to handle so its not really something important, i mean "haters gonna hate" but you see, in my Rotary Group there were a lot of kids from tenth grade, but some of them had a really bad attitude so we had to let them go. but everytime someone asked me who i trusted in the tenth grade i always said the names of at least 4 people who i trusted.
The thing is , i just found out that two of this people, these two girls actually talk shit about me behind my back (they say im gay and that the fill pity from the way i behave) know i understand that some people may feel uncomfortable around someone with so much confidence in himself , nevertheless i feel very betrayed about this , because a lot of times i said to the founder of the Rotary club how much i trusted this two girls , because i actually did , and know i feel all the good things i said about them , were not real .
well thats it :/


  1. acorn's Avatar
    The reasoning behind the idea of ‘keeping your friends close and your enemies closer’ is that both need watching. You now know the true colors of your two friends.

    Trust is a valuable commodity that should not be passed around too freely. You could also know, a distrusting person is often rejected by society as an un-likeable person. It is up to you where you eventually draw the line. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.