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Doing some actual blogs...

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I wanted to post some blog stuff here, so here is most of a blog that I just put up, I'll try to do this while I am in Peru and post my journal entries here also.

The one week count.

I have entered the slowly more familiar place of existence of the one week mark. In one week I'll be on another continent, with a bunch of fools, clowning around, hopefully doing some healing of some sort.

I actually fly out of Portland on the 30th, but I'll finally be arriving in Peru on August 1st. Then its 11 days of 14 hour days, falling asleep at 2 o'clock, waking up at 7 to eat breakfast which always seems to have large amounts of yogurt, they love yogurt in other places it seems.

This trip will be different, we will not be clowns at all times, but we will also be builders, painters, and remodelers. We're building a whole street of a slum in Iquitos.

For those of you, who have never seen a slum, let me explain some of it for you. Imagine the impossibility of 150 families packed into an area that is similar in size to your average cul-de-sac and the surrounding houses. Houses are built on top of each other, defining physics with the fact that most of them have no roofs, or even 4 walls. The walls can be made of mud, cardboard, and sometimes concrete bricks. Children run naked, whacking at each other with sticks. Adults always seem to be carrying something around.

But people are happy; children smile and laugh because they can pull happiness out of anything. Everyone else laughs because, actually I don't know why, life sucks for them, it really sucks. Maybe they laugh to give a real big flip off to everything. I like this video.

YouTube - Why are the happiest people, the poorest? - The Dalai Lama

I need to start preparing mentally, it takes a lot of thought to become a fool.

Much laughs.

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