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Almost finished!

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This cursed beast is almost finished!

I knew I could defeat it if I put my mind to it! I feel as though a great weight is being lifted, and it amazes me at how much I know about instruments now, as compared to when I purchased this guitar body almost 4 years ago.

This guitar is painted, the pickguard is essentially finished (I have to drill for the controls, and the neck pocket needs to be shaped). I have it cleaned up and am currently polishing it. To top it all off, all of the hardware is on order from
I placed an order for over $100 worth of stuff. All in all, I think I have approximately $200 into this guitar and that's including the things I have gotten for birthdays and for Christmas and such. Expensive hobby, but very rewarding!

I can't wait to play this instrument, it owes me some music for the 4 years of turmoil it has put me through.


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