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Happy. F-ing. Thanksgiving.

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So yeah, I've been out of the suicide ward for a whole 6 hours now, and I've just been informed I have to be out of my house by noon tomorrow.

PERMANENTLY. I'm being kicked out, evicted, by my own mother. Apparently her social worker says I'm not good for her health, so I have to go.

I have no job, no gas, no money, and nowhere to go. I'm about as depressed as I've ever been in my life.

Surprisingly, I'm NOT suicidal. I'm just... empty. A lot of curse words are going through my mind, but aside from that, pretty empty.

Nobody really cares about me, nobody that matters, nobody that can help or support me. You all can take 5 seconds and post a little comment saying "Oh, poor Desco, I'm so sorry", but when the chips are down nobody ACTUALLY cares. You people don't know me. I don't know you, except through the limited interaction we've had on this forum.

No, this is not a joke, this is not a gag, I'm not making shit up to get sympathy. My fucking family is THAT HEARTLESS!!!! If you don't believe it, join the club, I can't believe it either.

I appreciate everyone's support, but it doesn't really do me any good. I'm fucking homeless.

I don't know what to do guys, I really don't. Things are going to get very very ugly in about 18 hours.

I'm off to start packing. Don't bother commenting, I probably won't be on the internet for a good long fucking time.

I don't know what it is with my life and holidays, but they never seem to mix well.

Happy fucking Thanksgiving ADISC.

Desco, signing off.

Jakey, Pete, I'll miss you guys. Wish me luck, I'm going to need it.


  1. Luckyfish's Avatar
    All i can say is WOW!

    What you are going through is beyond unlucky and you are correct about what happens when the chips are down.

    In your case you have definitely hit rock bottom.

    Life has had her way with you, and you have endured more suffering and trials then you think you can handle.

    Guess what, you are still alive and you are still able to carry on going no matter what.

    This is survival, and life is at its most challenging and from the bottom you have no place else to go but up.

    Take a step back from yourself, visualize and see these problems and set your anger positively by challenging your incredible misfortune by getting back into the game.

    If you quit you lose, and from reading some of your posts, you don't sound like a quitter.

    As i fellow human being i see and feel your pain and suffering and from the outside looking in i have confidence in the fact that you can change all of this and be stronger then ever.

    I knew somebody living in a car, and he too got kicked out at home with no money and this individual worked 2 jobs at McDonald's and supermarket to make ends meet.
    Within one month he had the money to get a modest accommodation and within a year he was in a better place then has was before he got kicked out from his terrible family.

    Today he is a millionaire, and he used all those crappy curve balls life through at him,as fuel to to rise to the top.

    Don't you dare give up on yourself or life!

    Have you any idea how important you are to the cause and to many forumites on here?

    You are tough, you are great and you are going to kick life in the a$$ when you rise to the top, and i really do believe that life doesn't give you anything you cannot handle so prepare for battle.......

    I/WE will be waiting for you.

    Regards Mark.
  2. Descolada's Avatar
    By a stroke of genius and/or luck, I was able to do some bruteforce manipulation of events, and everything worked out.

    Long story short... I "hacked" life.

    I feel like an odd combination of an evil genius and a criminal mastermind... Funnily enough, I didn't do anything evil or illegal to remedy my predicament, on the contrary, I used the law to my advantage and took charge of the situation.
  3. Luckyfish's Avatar
    Im very happy for you.
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