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Dusk pollutes the blogwaves!

The air of seriousness. [Aka Describe Me]

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I've heard recently, from people, that at first I can come off as rather serious, imposing, and have a slight air of mystery around me.

I must admit, all this is very intruging if not rather amusing, since I am, -knowing from experience- rather talkative.

So, reader, I ask you this :

Post your heartfelt thoughts about me. What kind of figure do you believe I'm seen as? Am I an idiot? Or am I just too cool for everyone in this forum?

Post away, no matter how negative or positive your ideas on 'How I appear to people (Or you)'

This might look rather attention grabbing, but meh, if thats what it comes off to you, I can't do much.

Updated 24-Jul-2008 at 22:08 by Roland



  1. Pojo's Avatar
    I hardly know you...And that's pretty much it >_>
  2. FluffyFluffers's Avatar
    Well Dusk(I'm asuming that was your name befor you changed it) You look the part.
  3. mizzycub's Avatar
    Can't really say that I know you.

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