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Well I've decided to try and post to my blog once a day maybe less I dunno =/.

Anyways today was pretty fun, I went to help my mom out at my dads work and actually helped my grandpa more than my mom XD, we went to the factory place, which is where they make the cabinets, they have to close it though (housing market fails so yeah...) anyways they were throwing away a bunch of stuff and packing up all the machinery which was pretty cool.

I came back and started helping my grandpa out with his office, cleaning it and stuff. I had to take some stuff to the IT guys office, where his "babies" are, and by god was it sweet back there.

There were 4 computers, 3 servers, 2 things that looked like servers but not sure, 2 external hardrives, that were each around 1 tb, a computer fan that he uses to cool himself off XD, a random 180 gig harddrive on his desk, and lotsa other stuff, that was pretty cool, plus he's a really nice guy.

I came home and am about to go over to my friends house then head over to my aunts hotel room, shes staying at the really nice hotel at the airport because she has to head back to Dallas tomorrow.

Yep that was my day and whats going on =/...

EDIT: I forgot to add, while listening to my grandpa talk ( I love to do that) he was telling me about my great grandpa (his dads) slider calculator thingy (a calculator type thingy patented in 1900). It was a very fancy slider back when it was new, it's broken and faded now, he plans to get it fixed by a antique person.

Well we got into what he used it for, and it was the main slider to build Lindbergh's plane, the man who made the first non-stop flight from New York to Paris.

He was the chief engineer for the company that made the plane so he was like THE guy for the making of it =D, I found that pretty cool XD.

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