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A gig!

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It's been a long time since I've played a gig around here (maybe 2 years?) and it's a paying one at that! I can't wait. The group I'm playing with is doing a 40 song setlist (Plus 5-10 crowd favorites). It will be happening on boxing night, at a local club that we all frequent. After all is said and done, we should each be able to pocket around $50. That's pretty good, considering what most places would try to pay you. A lot of the bars around here try to pay people in beer :/ . I'll probably use the money to fix up my bass and buy some new knobs for it :p

I can't wait! We're doing up the setlist now. It's mostly classic rock songs, the kinds that people can dance to. If we draw a big enough crowd, we might get called back every once and a while for some other gigs. Hopefully.



  1. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    Nice! Gigs are always fun, especially at bars. I've played once at a bar and it was one of the most...eventful nights of our career. Hahaha

    I just found out our lead singer has apparently left for the eastern coast, so practice will be a rarity now. He claims we'll be able to make our album as well, which I honestly find unlikely...

    Bands are tons of fun, aren't they! I wouldn't give up the experiences of being in a band for anything else in the world.
  2. bohemian85's Avatar
    I agree, I've only played open mic's but it's still great fun Nice bass... by the way are you a Roger Waters fan by any chance? Your precision looks very similar to his, but saying that I've seen plenty similar... good luck for the gig!
  3. Ronbeast's Avatar
    I can't say I am! Haha, I respect the guy, but when I built this bass I didn't even know he played a similar one! Then I started looking around at what other artists were playing, kinda spooky. Also, I think it's kinda funny that his sig is in the $800 dollar range, while the building cost on mine in total was around $400. Just goes to show how much fender charges for the name on th headstock.

    The bass in my pcture isn't the one in need of knobs haha. I did that on purpose, due to the fact that I fiddle with the tone knob on my bass a lot, and there is no centre detent on th potentiometer, so I added the chickenhead knob to know where it was set to. The bass that is going to be getting knobs is my Cort gb54 that I picked up earlier this summer for $75 on ebay (Steal! :p ).

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