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About my avatar and my wearing in the car

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If anyone is even vaguely interested in knowing about my avatar then here is the explanation. Plus, this is another opportunity to talk about Tool

It's off the album 10,000 Days by Tool, their latest album. At first glance it's nothing more than a face (a rather stoned-looking one at that..), but if you look closer, there are eyes all over it. Also, the eyes on each side of its face are part of other faces looking at a 90-degree angle left and right from the main face.

It's obviously symbolic of seeing everything from every angle possible, and this totem pole of faces sees everything. I have a huge fascination with this because it's my lifelong goal to be totally and entirely spiritually aware of the Earth and myself (if that wasn't clear enough from my other blogs...). You know...using your third eye type stuff. I feel weird talking about it, but that's how I roll. LOL

In other news, I went to college this past weekend, and it's a long drive, 3+ hours or so. I was all ready and had I remembered that I needed to get rid of my stash for Thanksgiving, since some family members will be using my room. I wasn't going to at first, but as the time got closer to leave, I just told myself, "fuck it, I'll do it."

And I did. I didn't even use it in fear it would leak in the car until I got close to a gas station some two hours into the ride. It wasn't too much, so there was no fear of it leaking. In the gas station, there was a line for the bathroom (a single person, thank God), so the anxiety of someone hearing/seeing was relieved, especially since I was just wearing a pull-up style diaper. I was in and out in 5 minutes.

So it really wasn't that bad at all! It'll definitely happen again if I travel long distances as well. Pretty exciting for the first time.


  1. BigKid25's Avatar
    I read this blog and couldn't help but chuckle a bit to myself. Apart from the fact that I used to be a huge Tool fan (still am, just don't listen to them as much anymore) I've also been following the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and noticed some parallels between what you posted in this blog and how I am. Personally, however, even though I like analyzing the depth of any piece of art, I much rather prefer to analyze the lyrics to Tool's songs because, as a leisure poet/writer, that speaks to me on a much more relateable level. I would quote a specific song, but considering you listen to tool and there are too many good songs/quotes to choose from, I may as not waste our time lol.

    As for the enlightenment thing, might I suggest looking into the life and history of Siddartha Gautama? Normally I'd say check out buddhism as a whole, but that tends to be a very broad and controversial (depending on your beliefs) topic, whereas by researching the life of the Buddha, you get right to the source of what Buddhism is supposed to be and you gain a valuable insight into how the Buddha reached his own enlightenment. You don't necessarily have to check out this either, as there are numerous ways to reach enlightenment, depending on your definition of enlightenment. No matter which way you choose though, do not expect that the path will be quick or easy. Like chinese Kung Fu, it is a way of life rather than just an altered state of mind or quick experience. You must be able to find beauty, significance, knowledge and wisdom in everything around you, both good and bad, and be able to find balance in the world. Because if you are biased, impartial, or unbalanced, then how can one be truly enlightened?

    And kudos on the success with the pull-ups! Pull-ups are usually my favorite style of padding, but I'm surprised you trusted them on a 3+ hour drive when I barely trust them for half a wetting! Glad to hear you decided to make the ride a little more enjoyable though.
  2. SwinginPendulum's Avatar
    Ah yes, I'm not alone! Haha Tool is one of the best bands out there, and they excel in every category possible: drumming, lyrics, guitar, bass, and creativity. They actually break and fly far beyond the barrier of creativity of the second most creative band, whatever they may be! I myself pay attention to the drums, being that I am a drummer. Danny Carey uses divine trigonometry to construct his tracks. I really don't even know what all he does to be honest!

    It's funny you mention Buddhism...if you take a look at one of my other blogs called "My cat and Buddhism" you will see that I actually took it up for a while, and I have to say it was incredible. It's much better than Christianity in my opinion (if you're a Christian, I really don't mean to offend, it's just not good for me).

    I have come to realize that the Biblical God (the one who is merciful and loves us all, even though a lot of people don't follow anyways) doesn't exist. I really don't know how to explain God through my experiences or words; you just have to have been there. It took a long time of self-questioning and contemplating many things. It was an awesome experience, to put it lightly.

    But yeah, Buddhism is the perfect religion, in my honest opinion. Christianity is much too influenced by people and their inability to see further than what it offers. My definition of enlightenment is simply seeing things through your third eye. Buddhism is for those who can see with three eyes; Christianity is for those who can only see through two. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.