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Traffic ticket = Bad Day

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This is my first ever blog entry. I have never written a blog entry on here nor any other on-line source. This first blog entry of mine is more of a rant to vent steam than anything meaningful.

Events that lead up to my bad day:
1) being short of money (pretty much a universally understood problem)
2) My GMC Jimmy has a fuel pump that is going bad. Therefore needs of repair.
3) I've been working some over time at work to try to get on top of the bills
4) My supervisor had a meeting that he needed to go to today, therefore I had to be at work an hour early.
5) My supervisor called me at home wondering if I was coming in to work (I had forgotton that I was supposed to be at work an hour early today)
6) I am speeding to get to work trying to minimize how late I was going to be
7) Sped past an unmarked police car
8) Get a speeding ticket for $140 and earn 6 points on my driving record (previously had 0 points!)

So, I am here typing this blog entry to vent steam. I am pissed of because:

1) I am concerned that my insurance rates will go up (just what I need,, higher bills)
2) I see and hear of so many people getting off the hook for stuff, but when I end up in a situation, I get the damn book thrown at me by the police! I have had a clean driving record for many many years, but did that cop have any mercy on me,,no! I can understand getting hammered by the police if I were a habitual offender with a crap load of points on my driving record. My view of the local police now is: If they want to treat a decent person with a clean record like a hardened criminal, then don't complain when people in the community develop a bad attitude back towards the police in return. Give a little mercy reap a happy community. Be an ass to the local community and don't expect to be looked upon favorably by the local community.
3) Now I no longer have the money for fix my vehicle.
4) final result: having a very bad day and am very pissed off.

I now it is easy for people to say: don't break the law, and you wont have to get a ticket: My answer to that is: Yes you are correct. However, no one is 100% perfect, no one. I was the one speeding, and I got the ticket for breaking the law.

However my point is: Although I was speeding, Upon seeing a clean driving record and zero points. The officer had the option of cutting me some slack with a warning. However, he chose not to do so. The result of his actions: Just one more person in the local community that now has a bad opinion of the local police force. If I were a cop and saw someone with my background, I'd cut them a break and be done with it.


  1. cavemans's Avatar
    AAAAw i am sorry to hear that you had a bad day and i hope you it gets better. i dont drive yet could you explaint he concept of points to me?
  2. acorn's Avatar
    It was once alleged that I had been clocked travelling at sixty in a thirty-mph zone. In my defence I questioned his willingness to step out in front of me and his ability to get me to stop had I actually been going that speed. Saved myself a €40 fine and two penalty points, but my Brief cost me €250. That's a summary of a long and convoluted story involving an unconstitutional laser gun.
  3. Cherub's Avatar
    I talked to a friend of mine who is dating a cop. I explained my situation to them and they advised me to go to the traffic court and ask the district attorney if I can have my citation reduced to something lower and possibly get the points removed from my record. I was told that the District Attorney will take into account a clean background. Since my background is free of offenses I might be able to get a plea deal and get the citation reduced.

    Fingers crossed!
  4. Hope's Avatar
    I hope it all works out for you. Cops can be a pain sometimes >.<;
    Hopefully you get your citation reduced.
  5. pajamakitten's Avatar
    No offence but you got what you deserved. You were caught speeding, deal with it. Yes you had a clean record but that shouldn't grant you a lesser offence, those laws are in place to save lives not because they want you to be late. I know you aren't 100% perfect and neither am I but being late for work is still better than a ticket and fine.

    The officer was just doing his job properly, cut him some slack all right. I'm sure he wouldn't want to give you the ticket either but unfortunately he had to.
  6. Ronbeast's Avatar
    One question I have to ask, how fast were you travelling? Around here, it seems to work as a system. If you're ten kilometers over the speed limit, you get a written warning, 20 over with a not-so-clean record could go either way. But If you're anymore than 20 over, it will result in a fine and deduction of points. So far, I've only gotten a written warning, and that was from a new cop that decided to pull over a school bus one day :p hahha

  7. acorn's Avatar
    [QUOTE=dlCherub;bt22705]Fingers crossed![/QUOTE]
    Canít pretend to know how your system works. The reason I risked jail was because of the points system (12=disqualification) I was getting an automatic 2, but because I was (reasonably, as I did have a case) contesting it in court that was upped to a minimum of 4 upon conviction, these penalty points play havoc with your annual insurance premium quotes. See as above, it cost me more in hard cash to get a potential conviction struck out.

    Get to know the system and play it for dear life. If that makes you a contender for an Oscarís award - then that is what it takes and remember acorn is your agent.
    [LIST][*]Financial hardship the fine will place your family under (emphases on your children).[*]Increased insurance premiums for the lifespan of the penalty points.[*]The potential of current and future employers to reject you when driving is part of the job description, especially true if they maintain company fleets.[/LIST]
    Last note - you are pleading for leniency, do not play the victim.
    [QUOTE=pajamakitten;bt22711]No offence but you got what you deserved....[/QUOTE] Jesus, do you mind if I ask of you, if you truly are as pure as the driven snow, how come you have a diaper fetish?
  8. pajamakitten's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by acorn
    Jesus, do you mind if I ask of you, if you truly are as pure as the driven snow, how come you have a diaper fetish?
    Never said I was pure, I just said he got punished because he broke the law and shouldn't complain about the cop doing his job.
  9. FurtiveKit's Avatar
    Hey, at least the cops in your area do not ride your bumper until you make the mistake of going over the yellow (or white) line a bit, only then to pull you over. You are nervous about a cop riding behind you, when you check the mirror the car might drift a bit in the lane.. >_>..
  10. Cherub's Avatar
    [QUOTE=pajamakitten;bt22711]No offence but you got what you deserved. You were caught speeding, deal with it.
    The officer was just doing his job properly, cut him some slack all right. I'm sure he wouldn't want to give you the ticket either but unfortunately he had to.[/QUOTE]

    Yea, I did get caught, I'm not crying about it. As the title of my blog said,.,,, it was a rant. To me a rant is some point in time when someone is upset (even if they are in the wrong,, as I admit I was) and just vents off steam about something,then gets on with life,,,,,sorta like you just said. However, the legal system being what is it,,,,I might as well try my luck to see if I can get anything reduced or dismissed. If they say no, the points and fine stays,,, then I guess I will have to pay up. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.