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well i was just wondering does anybody here have any phobias something that really your life revolves. i am Emetophobic and if you dont know what that is it is the fear of vomiting or being around others who vomit and i just relized how much it takes over my life sometimes i knowww i have a preety mild case compared to others i know but really

i dislike amusment parks especially roller coaster people always get sick there. i always have a panick attack when i go to the dentist i mean his hands and stuff are all in my mouth what if i gag!!!!!!! i mean then id throw up!!!! sometimes not always like alot of emotophobics i know i get paranoid my food is undercooked im scared when im older to get pregnant i mean first morning sickness then babies throw up alot what if im not a good mother?! i was just thinking theres alot of stuff i do .....i cant rember the last time i threw up *knocks on wood* anybody else out there know what im talkin about. i hate going to hospitals/ the doctor there are always sick people there and i stay away from drunk people thats a def.

but okay anybody else out there with something like me?


  1. ShippoFox's Avatar
    Yeah, kinda. I hate throwing up and when people throw up. Not quite as much though.... probably cause I'm always cleaning up after cats and their hairballs.

    I hate when I fear something might be undercooked though... like meats and eggs. Moreso that I'm afraid of salmonella, e. colli, and stuff like that. I'm kinda a hypochondriac. And I have other annoying fears too.
  2. boogalah's Avatar
    I used to have a couple phobias, but nothing that my life revolves around anymore other than the normal scary shit that most people get scared of. It can be annoying, and in my case got annoying enough for me to try and conquer it which took a while.
  3. Mandy's Avatar
    oh wells ts nice to talk to people that understand
    smedays i do preety good and wont even thinkk about it buts its a badfeeling when you know it starts to disrupt your life and theres nothing you can do . ive tried several diffrent thing but in the end i have a panic attack i shut down *sigh*
  4. Samaki's Avatar
    Hrm my phobias....

    I'm flat out scared of snakes, I'm freaking afraid to be in the same room as one even if it is in a cage, I just can't do it they scare me sooooo much...

    Hrm what else, I think that's it actually
  5. Roland's Avatar
    I have a very silly phobia.
    It's fear of being buried alive.
    I've had, like everyone, a share of bad dreams, but the only scary ones that wake me up are of that theming.
    Brr *shivers*.
  6. ShippoFox's Avatar
    That makes sense. Being buried alive probably really sucks.

    As for me.... I'm also afraid of spiders. Also, broken toilets scare me sometimes. >_<
  7. Pojo's Avatar
    I'm afraid of spiders...And I'm afraid of being robbed/watched/attacked...And robbers...Oh and heights and small spaces >_>
  8. Crassi's Avatar
    Well, I'm afraid of a couple of things. Twilight is one thing, as well as...Worms. F*ck. I guess I'm afraid of undercooked food as well, because of parasitic worms. Yee haw.

    But one wierd thing. I'm not actually afraid of death. I mean, we could all go to sleep one night without waking up ever again. So what's the point of fearing it? No need to embrace it, but more accept it. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.