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The Epic Finish of a Pointless Journey

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There is so much that we as humans do not know. The knowledge is endless. Our mind cannot fill itself with this infinite knowledge. It's like continuously pouring water into a glass, in that it will eventually reach its capacity and have no more room. We need a way to make barriers that simultaneously answer questions of the unknown and help keep the ceiling effect in our minds satisfied.

We fear the unknown. It takes courage to venture out of the confines of what you know, which is exactly why we need a base to steady ourselves upon when venturing. Without a steady base, most people will fall.

I read in psychology that as children, we are equipped with the essence of dependability on someone. This someone is a person that the child can trust, most likely the mother and/or father. As we grow up, we find that we have the maturity to move away from this dependability on them, but trying to go about life on your own can be scary. We still would need to find strength through attachment to a trustworthy figure, because that is what we were born to do.

So, since we no longer would need our parents' support as we grow, what better way to be just as safe and secure than having another parental figure watching over you? It is someone who is a reflection of your parents, someone who loves you just the same, someone used to replace the secure feeling you got when you knew that your mother was right behind you, waiting to catch you if you fell.

Can you think of who this figure could be?

This is the last time I will ask why I am the way I am. This is the last time that I will trust that someone other than the people around me is there to help with problems. This is the last time that I will be disappointed.

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