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The Finer Points of Regression (LxL#3)

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Lifestyle Little - Post #3

The Finer Points of Regression

After a long technical hiatus, I have returned. Blunder after computer blunder had me thinking for weeks that I was going to have to give up completely, but I invested in a new computer and will be upgrading my software soon, which will hopefully eliminate most of my problems.

Today's topic is Regression. I am a very outgoing and honest person, especially when it comes to who I am. If people want to know something about me, unless it's extremely personal or downright rude, I usually run wild.

Lots of friends and family members who see me cuddling my plushie and sucking my thumb or binkie tend to ask at some point why I do it. Usually it's,

"What's up with the pacifier?" or something of that nature. I'm fortunate enough that it's a question always asked out of curiosity, not
malice. Upon answering I've always been greeted with acceptance and sometimes even questions regarding one's own partaking in such therapeutic activities.

Being little is a great way to relieve stress from time to time. However, taking it on full-time can become a little overwhelming. I have found that due to my smart mouth and tendency to backchat, that having my privileges stripped away by Mommy's hand can be quite humbling.

Once you've reached adolescence, you've already learned how much of a bother being grounded can be. When you're an adult and you've submitted to the authority of your designated parental figure, being grounded seems downright ridiculous at first. Afterward, it becomes a world of stress until you concede.

There have been times that I have been in big-girl mode and Mommy snapped me right back to the age of 3 with a single sentence. It's not necessarily something that I want to happen all the time, but I'm powerless to stop it. I've become so immersed in my littleness that it's too difficult to fight at times. In my opinion, it is not a bad thing since Mommy always does it in a way to correct my behavior, which helps me in the long-run.

While not always a stress-reliever, regression is something that many people frequently use to calm down or relax. You don't hear about it much because it's not something most people are inclined to share with others, either for fear of judgment or the preference to maintain such a hobby as a private matter.

I am asked what the difference between acting like a child and regressing is. Truthfully, I believe that regression is all about identifying as a child emotionally or in other words, feeling like a child.

Mommy has observed my behavior with earnest and has been studying my behavior the same way I do. It's difficult for me to monitor my own little-behavior unless I'm doing so while in big-girl mode using a video recording of myself. When I'm little, I don't care about why I'm doing what I'm doing.

We've determined that there's a visible difference between me when I'm an adult and me when I'm little. Some of the key differences are my mannerisms and body language, the way I emote and speak, my actions and reactions, and my level of self-interest. I tend to forget my who, what, where, when, and why because that information becomes so trivial to me.

I focus deeply on my own needs and become extremely emotionally sensitive. My social awareness and inhibition usually erode and I become somewhat unruly at inopportune times. I'm a good girl most of the time, so it's not really a problem unless I'm tired and cranky.

Some of the things I suggest to people in order to design a more natural and effective regression experience are things that I do myself out of habit, not so much out of ritual. Sometimes a routine can make it easier for one to relax if they are unsure or nervous about what they are doing.

One thing that helps me feel little is having lots of cuddly soft things surrounding me. Various sensual and emotional stimuli can help trigger a nostalgic reaction that may allow regression to feel more natural. Having soft things to hug and squeeze is an example of a tactile trigger. I would definitely recommend a blanket with silk binding or a soft crinkly toy to play with while you are trying to reach littlehood.

Using transitional objects that you clung to when you were a child may really help you reach a state of emotional relaxation. Some people choose to snuggle baby blankents, hug teddy bears, suck their thumbs, wear diapers, drink from bottles, or simply just watch their favorite childhood cartoon. Some of us choose to do all of the above.

Probably one of the strongest nostalgic triggers is your sense of smell. Your olfactory nerves have a way of sending your mind back in time like nothing else. Some of the things that bring me back are nursery-related scents, like baby powder, lotion, wipes, baby wash, and certain toys. The smell of certain foods or perhaps the smell of freshly-cut grass may aid you in feeling at home in your little-self. A good place to start is to try to think of some things that might remind you of your childhood nursery or playtime.

Music is another powerful tool to use while taking a crawl down regression lane. I prefer lullabies being sung softly or really soft piano music because they remind me of my mother and grandmother. Mommy sings me songs in angelspeak (a private-language that is foreign to me as well, which adds to the little-experience) in a soft a beautiful voice that melts me. There are a couple of albums and internet radio stations that I play in my nursery while I'm playing or trying to sleep. I'll include them at the end.

Watching your favorite cartoons or movies from when you were little may really help. If they don't take you back just from watching them, maybe some of the music from them will. If you manage to let yourself regress even just a little but, you'll most likely enjoy your program much more.

Eating your favorite childhood food or being fed in a childlike way can have a profound effect on the way you feel. Even if you have nobody to feed you, drinking out of a bottle is both cathartic and refreshing. Even if eating baby food isn't what you're looking for, perhaps sucking on a pacifier or your thumb may help. Not everyone has an oral-inclination or fixation, so don't be distraught if this doesn't work for you.

For most of us, it's difficult to find time to fit things like this in to our schedules, much less on a regular basis. If you have an understanding partner or someone else who understands and is willing to indulge you in your desire to seek therapeutic regression, it may be possible to incorporate at least some of the things you find more effective into your schedule or routine. Remember, even if it's something simple like using baby wash to wash your hands before bed, it's a start and if it works for you, then you may find yourself feeling more relaxed more often.

I want you all to keep in mind that I am not a mental health professional, a doctor, a psychology major, or expert of any kind. I am only offering suggestions based on my own experience in order help you understand the methods of one girl that may or may not have a practical application for others. That being said, I sincerely hope that this has been helpful, or at least insightful or entertaining.

Now, here is the music info I promised earlier:

"Lullaby" (Album) - Jewel
Jewel - Lullaby [Audio CD]
-I'm not really a huge Jewel fan, but her voice is so soft and tender-sounding on this album and perfect for bedtime. -

Brahms' Lullaby Radio -on Pandora

Zero 7 Radio -on Pandora (Not really lullaby music or children's music, but extremely mellow and great for relaxing)

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  1. Ninikins's Avatar
    I adored watching your video and reading your blog when you do post You hit the nail on the head and have helped me come up with more ways to help my boyfriend and I reach our 'little' selves better. I'll definitely keep up to date with your blogs and your videos because they are very inspiring and sweet

    Keep up the good work,my friend!
  2. WildThing121675's Avatar
    My blankie helps me regress sometimes and it also comforts me a lot too. I use it as my way of dealing with a lot of the grown-up stress that I can't stand such as internet drama, family drama and general drama in general. If I want drama, I'll watch Dallas. lol. But yeah- a blankie is very key for me to slow down at times as well is my stuffed killer whale and thumb sucking too.

    Again, good blog Candi. - the Adult Baby / Diaper Lover / Incontinence Support Community. is designed to be viewed in Firefox, with a resolution of at least 1280 x 1024.