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A dream I had!

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I had a dream last night that was pretty weird, but typical. There were several series of dreams but this is one that I remember most clearly:

I found myself in a building or something, and there was a large doorway that led outside. I went through the door and saw that I was on a large body of water, and that it was raining. I also saw that there was a winding bridge that was about a quarter mile in length. I started to go across the bridge, but when I did waves were crashing rather hard against it, hard enough to start tearing it apart. I started panicking and tried to hurry my way across, and the water was getting much choppier than before. I made my way across the bridge finally, and there was some girl I used to know in high school that was apparently following me, and she was just as shaken up as I was. The area that the bridge led to was rather small, and it was a ledge that was attached to a larger building with no doors on it. Thatís about as far as I can remember.

Now for some background information. I went to my sistersí college this past weekend with some friends (and had an absolutely amazing time, I might add), and the first night we arrived, my cooler sister, old friends, some friends of my sister and I went to a hookah bar. One of my sister's friends was named Katie (not really, but for identityís sake, Iíll keep real names unmentioned!)

I can usually tell when a person is socially awkward and what not simply because I used to beÖwell, I still kind of am, but Iíve gotten better I eventually made my way in between Katie and another girl named Jennifer because they had the better hookah on their side. Jennifer is very talkative, but Katie is not. I could tell that she was kind of shy around new people, but was very social with people she knew.
A LOT like myself, I now realize.

Fast forward to the end of the weekend, I actually got Katie to give me her number without even trying. From what I hear, sheís really cool, and from what Iíve seen, she has an awesome personality and sense of humor.

Now, I would text her in a heartbeat; in fact, I have a text waiting to be sent right now to her. But I donít know if I can do it. I have no idea what itís like to be in a relationship, and Iím afraid that Iíll screw it up somehow. Every time I tried to flirt with a girl, it never seemed to work for me. So I donít know if I should even start something because I donít want to be in the face of humiliation again.

This explains the dream perfectly. The bridge simply means progression in life through ways which I am familiar, and the storm that is destroying the bridge is Katie. The reason that there are no doors on the bigger building also adds that I don't know how to go about with this progression, since there are some unfamiliar aspects that threaten my comfort of it.

So, that's what's going on now. I know that there are some people who wanted an update from my last blog, so here it is, for the most part!

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