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wearing diapers while working

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So this is my second blog post, here anyway. I have my own blog, but sure don't put this stuff on it. Its a trucker blog site. And I'm a trucker.

So as the title says, this is about wearing diaprs at work. Do you do that? Well I just got my brand new order of a full case of the new Bambino diapers and just had to put them to the test. Problem is, I'm not just a trucker.

I'm a tainer as well, and I have a student on my truck. But the diapers came in on Monday and I got by the house and picked up a bag. I park a few blocks from my house and take a large bag home and do a load of laundry. I needed my bibbers to be clean, and they would be the best to hide my diapered butt..

My bibbers are my carhartt bib coveralls. I also bought some of the large insert pads. So I put a large pad into a large Bambino, put it on, and cover it with my plastic pants from then cover that with an large pair of the starter spandex bicycle shorts to keep it all snug and tight. Then go on my bibbers.

I wore it all day, till I was able to change at the truckstop last night. Today I word just the diaper with boxerbriefs over them, and cargo pants. Was a little to thick yesterday, and the elastic was killing my legs after sitting in the plastic pants all day.

Anyways, I'm sure my student is none the wiser of my diapers, i'm pretty sure anyways. I will let you all know later.

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