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Should External Links Be Allowed

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Hello everyone, recently I made my first blog post which had a link to my new diaper related Facebook profile. I was so happy because I thought I would have get some friends to play some of the Facebook games against since my current family and non-diaper friends on my personal FB account are not interested in. Unfortunately Moo felt it was some kind of safety issue. He even took away the link to my personal diaper blog that has been listed in my personal profile for some months now.

Now I like ADISC because it doesn't have the dictatorship and double standards found on a lot of other diaper forums. Anyone who has been on other forums know what I mean, site rules that don't apply to close friends of the moderators and great topics being closed for fear it may result in a flame war.

To prove how ADISC is more of a privacy risk that FB, I did 3 searches in Google. I chose Google because they always come back with the most results.

The first search was on my real name as listed in my personal FB account. After going through over 30 pages, my FB account was not listed. There were other FB accounts that came up but not mine.

The second was on my handle name. A very popular handle amongst those whose first name is Andrew or Any. First page of results there were two for ADISC. The first was my first blog posting and the second was my full profile page. Hmmm, this can not make sense though because Moo is concerned with our safety but if that was true, why doesn't he have the special code in his .htaccess file to block search engines from caching the site and everyone's profiles?

The third test I did was with my full name and city, just like it is in my FB account and again my profile never came up. Why you might be wondering is because I set my security settings so only friends can view it.

Now with that pointed out, should we be allowed to put links to our own personal blogs, FB account, etc.. in to our profile? We all have whats called "Common Sense" so shouldn't we be able to use it and decide for ourselves on whether we want to venture to that person link? Or should we have that decision dictated to us?

I look forward to others responses on whether we should or should not allow external links in our profiles.


  1. Ronbeast's Avatar
    I can certainly see where you are coming from with this blog, but I have to agree with Moo's actions. I'm not with him because I against your views, I'm just thinking about the fact that this site caters to minors. In the end I think that is the thing that seperates ADISC from other sites.

    It's alright to post these links and things on other sites , mostly based on the fact that a lot of those other sites require the members to be 18+. Any links that might be taken as 18+ content immediately get shut down by the mods on ADISC, I don't exactly know what they consider 18+ material, but if they see something questionable, it's closed.

    I also notice that google returns more results for my AB related profiles than my FB account, I don't know if anything can be done about that. I don't really need to do anything about it as it doesn't bother me in the least. In the end, I think moo was just trying to protect the well being of minors who frequent this site and he had no negativities that were directly aimed at you. We're all friends here.

  2. HoganBunny's Avatar
    From my understanding, external links on profiles are permitted, as long as the site is not 18+ or does not contain a large amount of IRL info (MySpace and FB fall into this later category.)

    In regards to those two exceptions...

    1. Since we allow members as young as 13, we need to keep the site PG-13. This is why links to 18+ sites are against the rules.

    2. The rule against posting contact info is for members' safety, particularly young members who may not be aware of the risks of posting contact info publicly.

    why doesn't he have the special code in his .htaccess file to block search engines from caching the site and everyone's profiles?
    If we blocked the whole site from search engines, no one would be able to find us. Thus, we would not gain new members. That's true for any site, tbh.

    As far as profiles and blogs, there is a way to prevent the content of your profile/blogs from showing up in Google. IIRC, the profile will still show up, but non-members won't be able to view anything except number of posts/threads/rep:

    Blog privacy settings can be found here:
    Profile privacy settings can be found here:

    As an additional side note, if you wish to propose a change to site policy, the best place to post it is in either admininistrative stuff or requests. That way, Moo will definitely see the thread and reply.
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