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behind Jester life and what makes him unique

addition Tuesday JAN 29, 2008

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Ok so I decided to talk about what I have done so far since my parents have left on Friday (they went on a cruise). Friday I hung out and then got changed into my last depend where I used a pamper as a liner and wet that while watching monk and psych till' about 2300 then I went to bed to be woken up by my dog and cat who were scratching on my door because they wanted to go out. Now Saturday wasnít that fun and not that much to talk about but Sunday was interesting. You see I go to a nondenominational church but I invited myself to go to my friendís church and he is Greek orthodox. So I got up a lot earlier than I normally do on Sunday and I got dressed in really nice clothes (as I normally wear a pair of nice jeans and a polo to church). so anyway we got to church and we had this class where we read a passage and then talked about it. We started by praying however they have a special prayer that I had no clue about and then we started our class. You see the bibles are pretty much the same but they read the NKJ version of things. after the class we talked for a moment and went into the church, there we stood for like two hours and sang and read (this was probably the most interesting part because I had no clue what was happening and the priest was dressed in robes and man I was crazy. so we then had communion (which I couldnít participate in) but after that we had another one where anyone could participate. in this communion we went up kissed some pictures and then took some bread to eat. it was interesting but the people were very nice and even though it was a small church I thought it was nice. we had some food and left.
Monday I didnít go to school I "missed the bus" and since there wasnít anyone to take me to school I stayed home. Then at about noon my friend came over and we played playstation for the rest of the night. And today I went to school which was boring and here I am now.
So thank you for reading this maybe my new ones will be better or I will do an audio version of it (I would rather talk than type). Any questions, again feel free to ask.

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