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A few things.

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I'm just writing this blog as a means of documenting a few things in my life, just so I can look back on them in the future if I choose to do so.

1) I have finally gotten to the point where I am comfortable doing complete setups on all of my instruments. It's not a huge deal, but now my bass playing has really taken off. I sound better, am able to play cleaner, I can use different techniques that I never could before and overall I'm quite happy with the gear I'm using. I've got no quarrels with it.

2) My girlfriend is REALLY into my fetish now, we have a "Mommy and baby weekend" every other week. We've been planning a few things for the future, hopefully those will all work out. I'm pretty much 80% Ab and 20% Dl , but I think she might be moreso into the DL aspects of this fetish, but she knows when I just want to relax and regress. I think that's a wonderful quality she has. She can sense when I'm not feeling comfortable or when I'd like to slow things down.

3) The job search is still on-going... I haven't been employed since the end of August, my parents are starting to get frustrated. I'm more frustrated than they are though. I can't find a job in this town because of all of the idiots from their generation who did drugs and drank and never bothered with their educations, so now they are taking all of the jobs in the bracket for us younger people. I mean, look at our 60 year old paperboy. 60 is a bit too old to be running a paper route that generates an income of about $70 a week.

4)I'm doing well with my online communications course, but my prof says I'm too monotone. I know I'm too monotone, I have been my entire life. It's just the way I am, like this fetish, the fact that I am monotone is a defence mechanism for me. I am able to come out of my shell and not be monotone, but it's difficult for me. I have been into acting for a few years and have earned awards for it, but I don't really have the drive and energy to do it for this. I'm doing well regardless.

5) I've been talking to a lot of my buddies from my first year at college. I'd thought that they all moved on without me and had completely forgotten my existence. I was afraid that I might have to start over and make new friends. But, out of the blue, we all started talking again and it looks like I might be hanging out some weekend very soon when I get the chance to go in for a visit.

6) I kinda managed to purge my spending habits. I used to buy way too many things on ebay and such. The terrible thing about ebay is the fact that everything is so cheap, I know some people are saying *Isn't that a good thing?*. Well, yes and no. It's awesome that things are cheap and readily available, but because they are so cheap it makes you want to buy more. $3 here, $7 there. It adds up.

I guess that's all for now. I'll probably write again soon.


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