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My first time stuffing an adult diaper.

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Yesterday I remembered seeing somewhere that it was possible to stuff an adult diaper with a baby diaper to get more absorbency. Since the Assurance diapers I usually use are prone to leaking I thought I'd check into it, so I watched the video about how to do this, and decided to try it out. Since I don't have any Pampers I thought I would try it by stuffing an Assurance with another assurance. I followed the instructions and it worked pretty well, so I went to bed with my Assurance stuffed with an Assurance. No leaks, and I was actually able to wet while laying on my side. I didn't have a big wetting night so it will be interesting to see what happens when I try to wet it a great deal. I'm gonna have to try this again, but I don't want to waste my Assurances by doing it this way. In any case, it worked, and I was pleased with the results.
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