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LifestyleLittleCandi Launched!

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I have created a website for the blog that I've been posting here on ADISC. I wanted to create a separate space that I could direct members of *BDL community (as well as individuals outside of the community) to more easily. It will still feature a family-friendly approach to little-life with weekly updates, only now more accessible to people outside of ADISC.

Post #3 is coming soon and I expect to post it on Thursday. Until then, please feel free to check out

<3 Candi <3


  1. erick's Avatar
    Hello Candi, you absolutely deserve a big *hug*. Thank you so much for documenting your life, you are being a positive front runner in the public eye for what it means to live the AB lifestyle and that is truly a marvelous thing. However it seems that the non-sexual sect of AB/DLs are a small portion, you are indeed helping us all by giving us a family-friendly place to direct people to better understand us as a whole. Being an AB is not something to be ashamed of, and you are helping a lot of people by giving us an outlet to understand that fact while making around 99.9% of us jealous beyond our wildest dreams. Kind of a double edged sword really. Anyway, it is truly a pleasure to have you here, and I look forward to seeing your updates.
  2. LifestyleLittleCandi's Avatar
    It's my pleasure!!

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